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An other step forward
Here you see a picture of the mirror edges ready for sticking on to the glass
Here you see the fase where only the colorprint and mirror edges are fitted on the glass
The end result, an ´origal´ new backglass with the mirror edges
Have also gone further with making backglasses and I made another step forward. Now I can make with the use of special glass and a  new printing technology  backglasses with even more color intension then ever before. I also went on making the mirror edges around the features which are visible in the old original backglasses. Have again found a film with a better outcome and improved the result in this way. It is now possible for me to make backglasses with mirror edges with virtually no difference to an original backglass. The fact that each window with a new technique is first made of the Silver Sails is very good for me to see what improvements we have accomplished in a relatively short time while we were very happy with the first results in the beginning.
And the backglass technique improved , read here