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Creating different plates was essential for the restoration of our beloved Bally bingos. it showed that (almost) all aluminum plates on the lockdown-bars are bad. The lyrics and sometimes whole sections of the plate are over the years by the many uses totally gone. Because this is still the "face" of the bingo was the desire for new plates quickly made, fortunately in possession of a computer controlled mill/engraving machine that was no problem. Over  time I actually made all kinds of plates used for the Bally bingos.

Plates for Bally bingo lockdown-bar
This is a plate that was used in the earlier bingos with round buttons which plates had the first 3 lines one position up or one position downwards. is now made for a Gayety of 1955 and the 1954 Variety.

This 2 hole plate is used in the Big Time in 1954 which you all 5 lines up and down buttons could moved.The buttons were divided into two groups with one group of lines 1 through 3 and a group of lines 4 and 5.

This is a 4-hole plate which was produced and used in the Gay Time 1955.
Later, the buttons change shape from round to rectangular so that you no longer see the round buttons in  the future manufactured bingos.

Coin plates with the value of 5 cents in both the European and American version.
The coin plates are made in many different values but we have chosen the 5 cents to make. Most of our bingos are restored to be adapted then they work on the new 5 euro cent coins which for us was an easy choice because Most bingos that found have a "Belgian Franc" throw and is the new 5 euro cent coins very similar to the old Belgian Franc.

These plates are found on various bingos and were intended to clarify how the player collects prices and how the Red-letter game could be started. if on the later bingo models the player had won his prize the pay out was not automatic and could easily be forgotten by the player.
the same plates with red colored letters
On the Magic-screen bingos the aluminum lockbar plates had to give more protection against wear. The original plates are often totally worn away at the end and the text can't be  read anymore. Here the plate is shown of the Bounty, this is the only Bingo that was released with the so-called skill shot. A separate game that can be played for an extra price only with the first ball.
picture of the Bounty plate
These plates are used on both Bikini and the Lido from 1961. This was the magic screen Bingo where you could build up a saving for the game OK. What especially for the home player now a very nice option is.
picture of the Bikini or Lido plate
Also the Golden Gate and Silver Sails have their own plate. This plate is saying  how the golden game of red letter must be collected. When the R button is pressed short it's paying a price of score and if you then press the R button again and hold it down, it will automatically start playing a new game.
picture of the Silver Sails of Golden Gate plate
Also the shooter plate are often in bad condition and for me it was more easy to make new ones then restoring the old plates.
A small but significant detail for us are the nails with the special rings you find on most lockbars and which often over the years have lost or so bad that they were not used in the restoration