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Welcome at Bally Bingo Specials from Holland
Juli 2013
From now on itīs also possible to order a stencil-set for repaint the outside of your bingo more in info here
Below an example of the for steps from a cabinet of a Bally Beach Time.
November 2015
The Gayetime, a new electromechanical bingo which has never been made by Bally.

We wanted to do something different. Not a simple restoration of Bally Bingo, but to create something that Bally has never made. A bingo derived from an existing machine, but with features from another. And so we decided to make the Gayetime. As a basis the Bally Big Time. With five up and down sliding Mystic Lines, with a red and a yellow star on the field to get extra numbers and with the fascinating part of a Gayety, where the Magic Pockets the balls in the top row can hop from left to right and back.
Read here the complete story
December 2010
March 2010
May 2010
After a few busy months now some time for a website update with what's happened with the Bingo stuff.

The Lido has been added to my collection for some time now and I must say that the bingo is still a joy to watch and play and this is very satisfying because the bingo runs extremely well and has accomplished many perfect games.

End of May I received a tip that on a website there were some images with a few Bingo's, it was an album made by someone from Sweden and and in the picture was a Magic Ring to see (one of the hardest to find bingos) also stood a image of a Big Wheel. Because the Magic Ring always been a bingo that I wanted, I have sent an email asking if the bingos were for sale. read more
I also got my hands on a Bonus7 and because I was interested in the extra game I decide it to mechanical restore the bingo. This  bingo also has played already a lot of games but for me itīs not a bingo to make room for in my collection read more
Have also gone further with making backglasses and I made another step forward. Now I can make with the use of special glass and a  new printing technology  backglasses with even more color intension then ever before. I also went on making the mirror edges. read more
It took a while but my Lido is finally finished and there is now a long-cherished dream Bingo title added to my collection. The end result is a bingo both inside and outside completely restored and is again an old Bally bingo given a new life. will one of these days add a story with the necessary pictures to "news".
Last weeks spent my free time with something different, making a new backglass for an old pinball machine. A friend of mine has a restored Williams' Struggle Buggies " but with a poor backglass, when he did his request I started making a new backglass, for me it was a new challenge to do more and better learn to go with my drawing-program. Making the digital file proved to be a very time consuming thing but when the design was finished after many nights of reconstructing. I could look back on an educational period. I was even a possibility for me to print the file at a new printshop  not far away from here and  if this company can make the right color / quality print we like than it makes things a lot simpler for me because our prinshop we normally go to is much further away by car.
The colors and quality the printshop delivered were exactly what we like so that was already the first profit. After we put the print on a 5mm glass the end result was truly amazing and I can therefore look back on a successful project.

December 2011
Finally we found the right way... Now we are able to make backglasses with the latest print technology which also print directly onto the glass but in a way that it seems as if the backglass is made by silk-screen printing. The special feature of this machine is that it now can print white color and the printer makes a real layer so the result is stunningly original and no longer improvements are needed.
The machine will print in three layers, the first step is color printing and there after immediately print a white mask over it and finally again the black mask is printed with extra color in the features. click here to read the complete story.

Finally starting the restoration of my Magic Ring

After selling the beautiful restorated Magic Ring which was a guest at my collection for some time and was owned by Frans Pilger it was finally time for me to start with the Magic Ring that I bought last year in Sweden. Many of you would probably never seen a Magic Ring and thatīs a pitty because itīs one of the biggest gambling bingos Bally ever made.
Look for the difference....

2 original Silver Sails bingos which were restorated lately but in the base the 2 bingos are having differences what was normally not possible. Both bingos were original made as Silver Sails by Bally and shows us that Bally reproduced bingos in a later time. one of
the bingos has a double coin entry and bigger door and that was introduced years later after the first production of the Silver Sails. Read more
Selling backglasses,

Because making a backglass was very time consuming according to the "old" way of making one no backglasses were made for other people. Now that we have improved our technique itīs now possible for other fans to a buy a new backglass for their Bally Bingo. The backglass is now printed direct on diamond-glass and is the absolute best you can get. After talking with Chris Dade itīs now also possible to order all other types of bingo backglasses which are available. Because itīs not possible to send the printed diamond-glass backglasses there will be foil-sets available also. With the foil-set itīs now possible for anyone to make a īrealībackglass and the foils are easy to send.  The cost of manufacturing a complete backglass printed on 6mm diamond-glass is 225 euros and the price of a foil-set is 160 euro. The foil-set consists a transparent colored film, special white film for intermediate layer and the black mask. Because with the foil-set everything is stuck on the backside of the 5mm glass we also got the looks of an original backglass.
For more information about making a backglass is sending an email enough to see the possibilities for you.
May 2011
May 2012
We just made our final steps in backglass reproduction....
With the new technique everyone can make the best backglass possible without mistakes, now weīre able to make a single foil with all the layers intergrated which are needed to make the best backglass with the same looks as an original backglass. Because of our new technique you only have to put one single layer foil on the backside of  a piece of glass. The new foil gives the backglass the nice sparkling colors and remain that color even when the feature lights up.
Example of the new foil technique from a backglas for a Williams pinball  īLady Luckī .
Last few months finally finished my Magic Ring and Iīm verry happy with the result. Also did the firtst Bingo ever made, a Unitedīs ABC. The United bingo has 3 playing cards and a kind of roulette wheel as playfield. Itīs a 5 ball game and a game is normally played within a minute time for each game.
September 2012
Because people often asked me how we get the Bally bingos so clean from the inside I decided to make a movie how we get out
the durt and smell from the old bingo machines. the movie shows the cleaning of a Ballerina Head with simple materials. After washing the inside we leave it drying for week and after that we start working on the mechanics and contacs and because everything is
clean now itīs more fun to work on....
If only the best is good enough
Making a new playfield was still on my to do list but had so far not been necessary because I could always have a nice original field to use but that changed when I decided to go for a  Miami Beach restoration for my own collection. There were still a few Miami Beach bingos in storage but none of the bingoīs had a playfield where I was really happy with. The bingoīs  are all from the '50 years and usually many playfields suffered from time and playing but for me a reason to start my new project. Didnīt want to use an original playfield for this test and sacrifice therefore a playfield of a bingo that nobody wants anyway and often played a little, for me it was an old playfield of Ticker Tape because the layout was exactly the same as the Miami playfield. Read more...
Pictures of a newly made playfield for a Miami Beach based on an old Ticker Tape playfield but made with the latest digital technique.
October 2012
My collection January 2013
A 'new' Bounty

A few months ago, a Bounty was for sale on Ebay from a man living in Valkenburg and because the asking price was not so high I was interested in the Bingo . Bingomachines sold for low amounts often goes to people and will ultimately ends in demolition phase because the new buyer who bought for the low amount takes the 'gamble'  and then it would not be repaireble by them and mostly more will be damaged  Then they finish these projects on the 'dump' and I think for that fait a Bounty is to nice. A Bounty machine is a bingo with one of the nicer Magic Screen games. The outside was still in reasonable condition except for the frontside and I have therefore decided to only overhaul the front and and to keep the sides original. as usual the inside got a complete overhaul with many new parts. For a complete photo report click here.

Januari 2013
March 2014
The perfect repro backglass.
It took us a few years of experimentation, but we can now finally make the perfect backglasses including the real mirror lines.
We could already make backglasses with fantastic colors printed directly on the back of a glass sheet but to get the mirror edges
we still had to rely on foils and that was already good but it was not so optically pure reflective than What a real mirror does.
Now we can also make a real mirror directly on glass and this, combined with our technique of printing we have achieved
our final goal, making the perfect repro backglass .....
We are very impressed with the results and will continue to examine whether we can improve this process so that it might be 'affordable'
to do the same for other lovers of old arcade games
A few examples from our latest backglasses with real mirror lines in it. ( Click on pictures for details)
July 2015
It took me some time but the project is finally finished, a brilliant new Miami Beach. More than 2 years spent to create the ultimate Bally bingo pinball and what may be the most beautiful Miami Beach in the world.
No expense for this bingo were saved and therefore has as many NOS parts I could find. To name a few things,a new mirrored backglass, a new playfield, a new front lockbar with new side rails and still brand new engines and many other little things.
Click on a picture to enlarge.
A Youtube video was made from the in- and outside of this bingo.
For Sale
Also, the 'For Sale' page has undergone a big change and I hope the new layout will give visitors a clearer picture of the things that could be bought through the website. If you are looking for a certain type of bingo, please feel free to contact me because we still have many Bally bingomachine in our warehouse waiting to be restored.
Januari 2016
A New Year, a new project.
After I sold my Bounty last Year I really missed this great magic-screen machine with it's skillshot feature and because I already made a new mirrored backglass for a Bounty, this was the project to start this Year. Like all restauration projects I'm making a photoalbum from begin to end. Below the first parts of cleaning and repainting the machine.
August 2016
Didn't know that time goes that fast when You getting older... A lot happened the last three Years and for the bingo scene here in
Europe it were no happy times. The bingo scene is gone, most old friends stopped and sold there machines because of there age
and there're no new people that realy like this old gambling machines anymore. The later generation never played them and They only
know the pinball machines so what You see is a lot of bingo machines are offered but no buyers for them and that shows that there's
no more interest in the Bally bingo machines. On otherhand the pinball machines are booming what You can see in the rising prices
They asked for a machine now a days. I still like the Bally bingo machines very much but I must admit that I like pinball machines
also. This Year I did some changes to my old gameroom and now everything is fresh and new again and more machines to play. 
Two 'new' Bounty bingomachines
Click the picture for full size
We always wanted to know if two of the same machines are playing the same way so this time we made two 'new' Bounty machines and tried to restore both machines exactly the same way. Both machines having all new parts like a real mirrored backglass, new buttons and plate and also the metal parts are not forgotten. Now it's time to enjoy both this machines and at a later moment , after some 'real' playing, I'll write the hole story about this two beautifull machines.
worldwide shipping of Bingo glass
Now it's possible to ship Bingo glasses worldwide. Sending a foil to make the perfect remake backglass was never a problem but if You also
wanted to have the real mirror in the backglass You had to pick up the glass at my place because it's only possible to do the mirror on a real sheet of glass and for most people was picking up not an option. Things changed and for now I can offer worldwide shipping in a special made box to arrive safe and also ensurance is included. Prices are different for every Country so send me an email when interested.
Januari 2018
It was already a Year ago that I wrote the last Update. Busy like always with the hobby we manage to make some nice 'new' projects.
One of things we wanted to do was improving the way we do the mirroring and we succeeded in it, now no more mistakes when making the mirror sheet. We build a new set-up table for the mirror process and also invested in new equipment for making the real mirror layer.
Happy that we did all this work because now the hole process of making a mirror is much more relaxed compared with the first we made.
Another thing, the printshop invested in a new 'state of the art' printer and we always liked the results from the 'old' printer but now with
this brand new printer we're now able to make the colors look like real silk screen how they did it in the early Years. Still can't believe my eyes when looking at the new backglasses, real looking silk screen printed with a digital printer.... I'm so happy.....
Also achieved to get better conditions for people who wanted to have a bingoglass shipped, now I can offer a special box for shipping for
20 Euro incl. pakking material. Also shipping rates are better than before. for example shipping to USA and Canada is 125 euro, Germany is 70 euro and UK is 75 Euro (prices Februari 2018)  Other shipping rates on request.
October 2021
Panorama shots of my new gameroom
I also met a lot of new pinball friends the last few Years and helped them with the restoration of the pinball machines They're working
on and like always the backglass is the first looking people at so helped them out to complete the restoration. If You're interesting to
see the backglasses I made over the Years You can find some pictures folfowing the link below.
Click here to go my picture page.