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Two different Silver Sails bingos
2 original Silver Sails bingos which were restorated lately but in the base the 2 bingos are having differences what was normally not possible. Both bingos were original made as Silver Sails by Bally and shows us that Bally reproduced bingos at a later time. one of
the bingos has a double coin entry and bigger door and that was introduced years later after the first production of the Silver Sails.
Because the Silver Sails had a double coinentry it was possible to play the bingo with different coins.
This ŽnormalŽ Silver Sails was already in his life refurbished by the operator and fitted with brown paint with black dots. It happened often that a popular bingo was restored to earn even more with the same bingo. You often see that a simple brown cabinet was made and the original drawing unfortunately disappeared. Because the operators often gave their cabinets the same appearance it is to us now nice to see them because there are some machines that we like to find re-painted as we now know that some operators were very careful with their bingos and therefore for us a 'simple' and a good project for restoration.
Below a Silver Sails with a double coin entry and it was painted in the colors of a Miss America '75 what happened much often  because the Miss America bingos were so popular that only these bingos were asked and then there were always smart operators who wanted more  and just painted the rest of their bingos in the colors of the Miss America '75. After removing the ironwork we still see the original color of the Silver Sail and now the bingo is back in original condition and ready for many years of fun.