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Welcome at Bally Bingo Specials from Holland
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What is a Bally Bingo
A Bally Bingo is a gambling device with the appearance of a pinballmachine without flippers. The bingos were used in the Netherlands from early 50s until the late 70s, when they by their addiction to the players were banned in the Netherlands.

My start
Within the world of bingos, I am one of the youngest. I was born in 1962 and  I never experienced any bingos in the Cafe's. I spent in my teenage years a lot of time in an arcade in Amsterdam and at that time there were a lot of those machines . For me  the bingo machines had been immediately something magical. Money to play was not really available, so I was watching older men playing. It was then when the thought come that I had to have a Bingo machine at home, but as a little guy this was not an option. Years later, half 90 years, I moved into a larger house, there was the possibility to have a game room and I went looking for a Bingo machine. I found a former operator who was just cleaning up. A Miss America, I wanted and he still had one in a very good condition. My Miss America Supreme played  for10 years non stop, and I was happy to see a Miss America'75 for sale on the local marketplace and  my bid for bingo was accepted. Now I had 2 and then everything has been accelerated with resulting in almost 20 pieces I'm owning now.

Hobby now
After the purchase the Miss America '75 proved to have some failures To repair it I went looking for a schedule of this bingo. After some searching on the Internet I met Frans Pilger as one of the most dedicated collectors of Bally Bingo in the Netherlands, after email contact with Frans, he  also lives very close to my neighborhood. Frans introduced me to the still active world of bingo collectors. What is rightly resulted in a rapid expansion of my own collection. I found quite a few parts that are always in poor condition and which were very hard to get, and so I started to lay in producing of these components as necessary. These are the buttons, plates and backglasses and more difficult  parts to find. For me this was good to do, because I own a fine mechanical workshop held with all machinery needed for such things. Meanwhile there are a variety of different components already made. On this site I will show you the things the past years we have developed. Hope that the fans have fun at Bally Bingo specials and  to be able to experience all this. If you have questions about a Bally Bingo then I invite you to send me an email and maybe I can answer that.

Have fun reading and viewing  , Coos Hakvoort