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November 2015
The Gayetime, a new electromechanical bingo which has never been made by Bally.

We wanted to do something different. Not a simple restoration of Bally Bingo, but to create something that Bally has never made. A bingo derived from an existing machine, but with features from another. And so we decided to make the Gayetime. As a basis the Bally Big Time. With five up and down sliding Mystic Lines, with a red and a yellow star on the field to get extra numbers and with the fascinating part of a Gayety, where the Magic Pockets the balls in the top row can hop from left to right and back.

While talking we also decided to design something that was not previosly made (at least we did not see before). A payout mechanism on a Bally bingo, with the coins falling into a basket outside the cabinet frontdoor.

So we had to create a new playfield, just like the backglass, with no visible register and showing all the features with mirror edges. A new front bar must be made with extra buttons, so there were seven buttons on the front bar, while there is also room for an 10 cents coinplate. Moreover, everything would have to be in the original head of the Big Time, so that the appearance of an old woodrail would be maintained.

Certainly the latter proved difficult because the mechanism of the five lines combined with the additional units of the Magic Pockets, took up much space and there was a need of extra   Jones Plugs.

And finally, there must be mounted a payout hopper in the original cabinet, that hardly would affect the appearance of the bingo.
A new wiring diagram has been created and the required units of the Gayety (or Gay Time) were searched together. The payout hopper came from a Bally Circus and we made a test environment to see if the hopper would work, as we had that in mind.

Then the work had to be done. The Mixer and Spotting unit of the Big Time had to be replaced by the bigger system of  a Gayety, but the mixers and spotting unit of the Big Time had to be kept. Alternations were made in the Spotting Unit to energize the Magic Pocket feautures. Owing to the bigger Spotting and Mixer unit the search relays had to another place  and the additional relays for controlling the Magic Pockets had to get a spot. The Tripbank was fitted with additional switches and there were several additional relays because the Magic Pockets should be able to operate independently of the Magic Lines.

The whiteboard of the Big Time was adapted to lit the new features and the register disappeared. A new design of the back glass was made and a new playfiled was designed with the necessary extra hole and stars, with themes and color schemes of the Gayety and Big Time was kept. For the artwork outside of the box a combination of Time and Gayety was made.

Finally, the necessary adjustment of the wiring for the payout mechanism was made and then the hopper and the coin ejection had to get a place in the cabinet. As there was ample room it was a big deal to get the coins from the hopper to the frontdoor exit, but after the necessary adjustments coins fell into the basket just underneath the frontdoor.

Working on the new machine took much time as we worked intermittently because the restoration work had to continue, but at last a new bingo was born which Bally could have close its row Variety, Big Time, Gayety and Gay Time with the Gayetime.
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