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Welcome at Bally Bingo Specials from Holland
Klik op de vlag voor nederlands
The 3 bingos in front of my door
Bingo pinballs from Sweden
The pictures from the Swedisch website
Because at this moment I already have a Magic Ring from Frans Pilger and also have a Big Wheel in my collection the bingos are stored waiting for restauration at a later time.
End of May I received a tip that on a website there were some images with a few Bingo's, it was an album made by someone from Sweden and and in the picture was a Magic Ring to see (one of the hardest to find bingos) also stood a image of a Big Wheel. Because the Magic Ring always been a bingo that I wanted, I have sent an email asking if the bingos were for sale. I was told that he wanted to sell them because they stood already 10 years in storage after he was forced to close his antique shop in Stockholm. And in Sweden there are no people to be found with any interest. The deal for the Magic Ring and 2 Big Wheels was quickly made, he also suggested to buy all other bingos he had  but the rest were not interesting for me. Than I found out that the bingos were located in the north of Sweden and that was more than 1700 km away from me so back and forth a 3500 km. So it quickly became clear to me that it was no option to go myself and I decided to look for a carrier.
Arrange transport from the north of Sweden was not easy at first, it was possible but the price of tranport surpassed over the price of the bingos and it remains a hobby so that was awesome. after an extensive search on the internet I came across a forum where a moving subject was about transporting equipment from Sweden to the Netherlands. One response was from someone who wrote that he made a monthly trip from Sweden to Spain and that he also passed by the Netherlands. Wrote the man an email explaning my reason of transport, got his answer that he happened to live not far (80km) from the storage where the bingos were and that he wants to transport for a reasonable price the 3 Bingo pinballs to me and After a few tense weeks appeared the truck with my three recent acquisitions.